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Creative 54 Pcs Tower Toy

Creative 54 Pcs Tower Toy

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Creative Tower Toy

Material: Wood

Product Size: 23.5x19x5.7cm

This Toy is suitable for babies and older kids, because of the various of games:

Basic Gameplay

- Take out a stack of takas, with the coloring picture facing up, lay it flat on the table

- Three dice - roll up

- According to the color pattern of the rolled dice, pick out three corresponding building blocks and place them vertically on the corresponding position of the stack

- The second player draws a stack of tower cards, repeat the steps to stack, pay attention to keep it steady

- All players repeat the above steps to make the tower pile higher and higher. The first player to knock down the tower looses

Advanced Gameplay

- First stack the building blocks and stacking tower cards, and prepare to start the game

- Roll the dice

- According to the color pattern on the rolled dice, remove the corresponding blocks

- Stack the removed blocks to the top, then place a stacking card, pay attention to keep it stable

- Repeat the above steps for the next player until the tower falls down, and the player who knocks down the tower looses the game

Stacking High Gameplay

- Draw out the lower blocks at will and stack them on top. You can play with one or more players. In multiplayer games, the stack tower collapses and the game ends. The player who knocks down the stack tower is the loser


Creative Tower Toy

Arrange the blocks carefully, the spacing between the blocks is similar, pay attention to focus, so as not to knock the blocks. After the shape is set, push down the blocks at the beginning to make them fall one after another

Creative Modeling

The little building blocks can let the baby give full play to their imagination and creativity, and build them into a variety of small shapes

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