Santa's List

Santa Claus is coming to town - Ho, ho, ho! Oh, wait! Before Santa can load his big red sack full of presents onto his sleigh or fill stockings hung by the fireplace with treats for the children in your household, he will need to see a list. You know, the one he checks once and twice. That’s the one!

What’s on your child’s list this year? Don’t worry! BabyOlivia’s shop can fulfill Santa’s list even if his red suit doesn’t have room for a wallet. Check out all the beautiful, innovative, practical, and affordable products at a price that may leave room to get an extra plate of cookies and milk. Who knows, you may have enough money left over to buy some carrots for the reindeer.

One item at the top of Santa’s list that’s popular with many children is a train. There’s something magical about a Christmas train. The Domino Brick Train Car in pink or blue is no exception, only adding a unique twist to the ordinary red or green locomotives often seen going around and around encircling a Christmas tree this time of year. This train offers more than a trip or two around a track. It’s also educational and ready to give your little one hours of holiday fun. As the choo-choo starts moving across the floor, it will begin depositing and lining up dominoes as it goes.

Of course, if a more traditional style Christmas train tops your Santa’s list, check out this Christmas Electric Train! This small battery-operated train comes with a track to form a figure 8 or encircle the Christmas tree. It features four Christmas-themed decorated train cars, including the steam engine, Father Christmas on his sleigh, a snowman on a flatbed car, and a vintage lounge car.

That’s not all that’s on Santa’s list this year. Check out these items:

- NEW Power Balloon Car Launch Tower Toy: Launch toy cars using the power of a balloon. The colorful cartoon-style launcher captures the attention of any age, including the very youngest. The action-packed toy is best for children 3 and up.

- Superhero Gloves: Turn your child’s superhero dreams into reality with these gloves that launch plastic discs. Choose from several superheroes.

- Fashion Baby Boys Girl Bear Sweatshirt + Pants: While clothing may not be on Santa’s list of your child’s choosing, it’s a great gift to make mom’s job easier. This set is comfortable and features an adorable bear.

- Baby Elephant Toy: Baby’s Santa’s list is complete with this stuffed, plush, soft toy in the shape of an elephant. It’s safely filled with cotton with two size options to fit your child’s snuggles.

- Waist Belt Baby Carrier: We know what’s on mom’s Santa list. Keep babies aged 3 months to 18 months safe, and this carrier fits around the mom’s waist to provide a cotton-soft, secure way to stay close face-to-face or face outward to see the family.

- Premium Baby Nest / Ultra Soft & Breathable: Provide a safe, cozy place for the baby to sleep away from home. The baby nest makes a great travel option since it adapts to every type of crib, bassinet, or stroller.

- Baby Silicone Pacifier Fruit and Vegetables: The pacifier-style feeder provides a safe way for babies to try solid foods without choking. Or, add frozen fresh fruit to soothe a teething baby’s gums and provide a calmer, less fussy holiday.

- Xiaomi MITU Mini Story Teller Robot: Save your voice after talking with family and friends all day by adding this little rabbit entertaining storyteller. It also lulls them off to sleep as a soothing white noise machine. Perfect for children up to 6 years old.

Be sure to check out a wide array of toys and other items from BabyOlivia to fill your children’s stockings and packages to place under the Christmas tree.