Holidays Without Stress Tips

Holidays are a time to celebrate! At least they should bring about happiness and smiles. But, they often create the worst stressful situations. Let’s talk about proven and helpful tips from BabyOlivia to enjoy holidays without stress.

The Stress of Time

Christmas day isn’t the only chaotic time. The days leading up to the holidays are when the stressful moments rear their ugly heads—counting the days left until countless presents need to appear under the Christmas tree and family traditions upheld.

Combat the stress of time by making a plan. Make a schedule, organize days for shopping and festive decoration, and don’t forget to write in some time to relax and for recreation.

The Stress of Money Expectations

Drop expensive high-stress rituals, and focus on the most memorable aspects of the holiday and what it means. Remember to enjoy family time.

The Stress of Family Dynamics

Use the one-hour-per-day rule. Set aside one hour each day to spend time with your kids. 

Spend some of the time interacting with them. Make a new routine, dance, listen to music, and have fun. After all, joy is the reason for the holidays in the first place. However, other times, use the time while the kids play to tackle some holiday preparations.

If your family enjoys crafts, get some DIY products to have ready. 

Add a festive touch for a Christmas party, or use it in anticipation of the holiday as a unique Advent calendar activity. Select a different decoration for each day to let the child put on the tree with this DIY Christmas Tree wall decoration

Another stressful aspect of family dynamics includes safety concerns.

The Stress of Safety Concerns

Parents of young children often feel on high alert throughout the holidays, trying to keep their little ones safe. As a kid, holidays seem magical. However, when entering adulthood and children enter the mix, you suddenly realize that a change of routine can put your baby or toddler at risk. 

A few products help ensure the little ones stay safe even when their familiar routines and the known environment gets flipped upside-down:

- Portable Baby Dining Chair: Holiday meal time doesn’t need to add stress, with youngsters needing a safe place to eat. Provide them a spot at the table with this portable baby dining chair that secures onto almost any table with non-slip soft handrails. It comes with a safety harness belt that’s quick and easy to connect. When it’s time to put away the food, fold up the seat to hide it away in the carry bag.

- Baby Head Protector: Sometimes you wish your child came wrapped in protective bubble wrap, especially with rowdy cousins or friends running around the house. Protect your baby’s head with this soft, adorable cushion instead. Choose from a tiger, a frog, a butterfly, or an elephant.

- New Baby Carrier 4 in 1: Keep baby safe by mama without sacrificing the use of your arms or strain on your back. The carrier is perfect for babies up to 24 months and adjusts to various positions to customize your hold to fit your and your baby’s preference.