Gift Giving on Budget

Christmas is coming, which means the goose may be getting fat, but your wallet, not so much! So, what are you going to do? You’ve got presents to buy, but you must stick to a Christmas budget while still purchasing quality gifts to wrap up and place under the tree.

Before you head out to the stores or browse online shops, let’s discuss how to plan a budget for Christmas gifts. 

Don’t wait until the last minute on Christmas Eve to get the best deals. Look for big savings and Christmas deals ahead of the holiday with plenty of time to gift wrap it all in time to place under the tree for Christmas morning, awaiting pajama-clad children bouncing up and down with glee as they rip open the wrappings.

Kick off your budget-friendly holiday shopping by making a gift-giving list for the little ones you want to give to during the festivities. Break down the list into categories such as clothing, food, toys, and accessories.

Try diligently to stay within the budget you choose to set, but it may surprise you how far your budget will go.

Following are some fantastic gift ideas from BabyOlivia Premium online shop for babies, kids, and toddlers ranging from under €50 to €200, or about $50, $100, $150, to $200 USD.

For €48.60, just under $50, you can put together quite an excellent package of a variety of gifts, including:

- €10.90 / $10.92 Under the Clothes category – Children Cotton Snowman Pajamas - Outfit your child in comfy 100% cotton sleepwear. Get ready for Christmas morning pictures by letting them open this gift on Christmas Eve before setting out the Christmas cookies and milk and heading to bed.

- €13.90 / $13.93 sale under Feeding items – Baby Training Cup – Don’t worry about spills from holiday juice with this gift. Your baby or toddler gets a good handle on holding the double-sided handles and can rotate it utterly upside down without a messy wet spill. This cup offers a safe, silicone BPA-free drinking experience that holds 240 ml./ 8.11 oz. Choose yellow, blue, pink, or green.

- €12.90 / $13.93 – Under the toy category, let your child feel like a superhero with these superhero gloves! Choose from Spiderman, Optimus Prime, The Hulk, Steel, Captain America, or a Black Bat glove that launches using elastic bands.

- €10.90 / $10.92 – Add a gift from the Accessories category as you create memories to keep with this newborn baby non-toxic handprint footprint kit! They don’t stay little for long. So, remember this Christmas forever. Give a gift that preserves a memory of your baby’s hand and footprint. Tuck it away in a special place to treasure, or feature it in a frame to hand on your wall. Choose blue, pink, black, red, green, or light blue.

Add some slightly more expensive items to the group of gifts, such as a humidifier for the nursery or a safety piece. A total price of €100.90 / about $100 includes:

- €22.90 / $22.92 Add moisture to the dry winter air with a Baby air humidifier that looks like a little bird singing as a fine ultrasonic mist sprays gently from its mouth. Choose green, pink, or yellow.

- €11.90 / $11.92 Under the Feeding category, keep spills at bay with this cleverly designed children’s balance bowl. Its 360-degree unique gyro design looks like Saturn. The ring around the bowl offers three handles for your little one to get a good grip. Choose rose, blue, or green.

- €13.90 / $13.93 With all the commotion of family gatherings, ensure your child is safe with this baby seat safety belt that hooks up to a chair or mama’s lap.

- €24.90 / $24.95 Regarding toys, add some interactive motion with this Pickwoo C7 racing car. It offers 360-degree stunt action and remote control.

- €11.20 / $11.22 Allow your child to have sticker fun without ruining the furniture. Or, decorate their nursery by adding these Disney Frozen wall stickers to your giving list.

- €9.90 / $9.92 Give a gift that makes feeding less messy with this toddler’s and kids' sippy cup. It looks like an elephant, and your child drinks out of the trunk. Choose from red, blue, green, yellow, or orange. Or, select them all.

- €6.20 / $6.19 Bibs are necessary when food and babies are involved. These baby cotton bibs add a fun style with a cotton cloth printed in animal designs. Choose from several animals and color options.

If your budget allows, up your total to €151.20, about $150, with more quality gift bundles, such as:

- €16.90 / $16.93 Add a festive touch for a Christmas party or use it in anticipation of the holiday as a unique Advent calendar activity. Select a different decoration for each day to let the child put on the tree with this DIY Christmas Tree wall decoration.

- €23.90 / $23.95 No Christmas is complete without a clothing gift. Delight your little one with these fashionable baby boy or girl bear sweatshirts & pants. This comfortable cotton pullover top and pull-up pants make getting dressed easy, and they also feature an adorable bear face.

- €12.90 / $12.93 Add to the fun gift-opening with this storytelling night projector that shines images of dinosaurs, sharks, or pink-themed pictures on the wall.

- €24.90 / $24.95 Maybe this one is more of a gift for the mom to use as a diaper bag. Or, tuck your children’s gifts into this backpack zipper with sturdy construction.

- €15.90 / $15.93 – Add excitement to gift time with this Elsa flying princess. Yes, she flies into the air.

- €16.90 / $16.93 – Just don’t eat the bowl. But keep feeding time safe with this 4 pc/set wheat fiber bowl. As the name implies, they are made from wheat fiber.

- €23.90 / $23.95 Give your baby a safe place to play with this baby play mat made of cotton. Choose from 9 featured animals.

- €15.90 / $15.93 End a perfect holiday evening with a bath and an octopus baby toy to play with while getting clean. Fill it with water, and rotate the opening to create a fun, refreshing water shower.

Go top-of-the-line premium gift giving if your budget so allows. For €197.70, about $200, wrap up the following for the little one on your list:

- €19.90 / $19.94 on sale! Who says learning can’t be fun? Entertain your little ones while they learn to buckle, snap, button, and tie with this Montessori Children’s education toy. It’s also a great item to keep them entertained in the car, plane, or while waiting for Christmas dinner.

- Starting at €13.90 / $24.65 for adult sizes! Get ready for some great Christmas morning pictures when you outfit the entire family with this matching family Christmas pajama set in a gift to open on Christmas Eve.

- €33.90 / $33.97 Allow your little one to feast with no worries when you gift this silicone baby feeding spoon set in your choice of a panda, smile, or frog shape and various colors. It comes with a suction-cup plate, spoon, bowl, and sippy cup in soft, bendable silicone.

- €16.90 / $16.93 Let your child open up days of fun with this DIY Christmas tree wall decoration. Add a festive touch for a Christmas party, or use it in anticipation of the holiday or for the 12 days of Christmas. Select a different decoration for each day of Advent to let the child put on the tree.

- €28.90 / $28.96 From the Baby Care category, choose a Smart U 360 Degrees Sonic toothbrush. It will come in handy to quickly ensure your child’s teeth are cleaned after a day of candies, cookies, and milk. Choose a size that fits your baby’s growing mouth.

- €6.50 / $6.51 Under the Clothes category, put a nightcap on a beautiful evening with this baby bow cap in various colors.

- €26.90 / $26.95 Cozy up with this 100x80 cm premium baby knitted blanket made of safe, soft fabric with a cute gray and light brown design featuring a horse and rider.

- €23.90 / $23.95 Under the Toy category, wrap up this action, musical baby crab toy. Set the crab in motion as it tries to escape automatically, avoiding obstacles along the way. Charge with USB to save on batteries.

- €26.90 / $26.95 Light up the night to soothe your little one off to sleep with this silicone rabbit LED night light. The dimmable night light has a touch sensor, or you can choose the remote control to add a colorful rendition of 7 color options.