Christmas Dinner - Before, During, After

The family Christmas dinner can be chaotic when there are children underfoot. However, it’s a fantastic opportunity to turn the moments into memorable and educational holiday fun.

Entertain the kids before, during, and after the meal.

Before Dinner

Waiting to eat is sometimes a difficult task, even for adults. Imagine how smaller, empty tummies feel as they await food to fill them yet smell the enticing aroma. It’s hard to wait! But, it makes an opportune time to keep the little ones entertained.

Set up the entertainment for your children with these big size magnetic stick building blocks. Your children can build anything their heart envisions with this set of blocks that includes nine round, four curved, four long, and eight short building blocks. They hold in place with hidden magnets.

During Dinner

Keeping children happy and quiet during dinner serves up an entirely new set of concerns. Safety, of course, is the main issue. The Number One safety concern is making sure the small ones don’t choke. 

Ensuring spills stay at bay is another. Nobody likes sitting next to an antsy toddler who just spilled their milk. On top of the inconvenience, spilling holiday meal servings of hot turkey broth or a flaming dessert could send someone to the hospital. 

Avoid these potential holiday-ruining scenarios with some careful planning.

Please keep your child entertained while their food stays inside the bowl and doesn’t spill with this child’s balance bowl. Its 360-degree unique gyro design looks like Saturn. The ring around the bowl offers three handles for your little one to get a good grip all the way around. Choose rose, blue, or green.

After Dinner

After the meal, children need to get cleaned up and ready for after-meal activities. If dinner time runs late, it’s off to bed for the young children, which first means bath time and Pjs, followed by a bedtime story. 

If taking time to clean up the child isn’t enough on your plate, you now feel the pull to take time away from a house full of celebrating guests to read to your child and ensure they safely drift off to dreamland.

Give your child some quiet time before lulling them off to sleep. This storytelling night projector shines images onto the wall or ceiling to tell imaginative stories. There’s a themed projector for any kid’s taste. Choose dinosaurs, sharks, or a pink-themed option.