6 Genius Gifts That Will Make Your Life a little Easier

Keeping kids safe and happy during holiday gatherings adds challenges to everyday tasks. It requires a great deal of skill and clever thinking, and it doesn’t hurt to come prepared with a few holidays helps.

Here are 6 genius Christmas gifts to add to your list that will make typical real-life issues easier when gathering with family and celebrating. They may even help you relax enough to enjoy the chaotic hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Portable Baby Dining Chair – Holiday meal time doesn’t need to add stress, with youngsters needing a safe place to eat. Provide them a spot at the table with this portable baby dining chair that secures onto almost any table with non-slip soft handrails. It comes with a safety harness belt that’s quick and easy to secure. When it’s time to put away the food, fold up the seat to hide it away in the carry bag.

Children’s Portable table for the car – Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house just got a lot less stressful. Turn the long car ride into a chance to entertain your little one. Set up this lightweight, portable table for the car and let your toddler color, read, eat, or watch their favorite television show or movie. It fits any standard car seat and has a safe fabric design that won’t harm the child during sudden stops. When you arrive at your destination, fold it all up, and store it in the carry bag until you need it again for the trip back home.

Convertible Backpack – This convertible backpack ranks high on the genius gift ideas as a four-in-one diaper bag. While it is usable as a diaper bag and stroller organizer and offers vast storage space, it is a genius gift for holidays because it opens up to use as a travel bed for a baby. It easily folds up and zips shut when nap time or bedtime is over. Say bye-bye to awkward porta-cribs, and know that baby is safe.

Squeeze baby food Station – Don’t worry about what to feed your baby when you have this squeeze food station. Make your little one’s food ahead of time, and then blend it to fill the ready-to-seal and serve squeeze bags. The entire station has three tubes, a press, 10 squeeze bags, and 10 child-safe caps to fit the bags. You may also purchase 50 squeeze bags and two child-safe spoons that fit the bags.

Folding Baby Kids Potty Training Toilet – Traveling with a potty-training toddler adds new challenges. Avoid those disgusting public bathroom germs, or take a chance that your little one refuses to use a relative’s unfamiliar potty. Pack this folding baby kids’ potty training toilet. It unfolds to provide a potty seat to comfortably fit your child’s small size and an attached step stool to assist in reaching the toilet safely.

Baby Bath Mat – Don’t worry about bathing your baby on the go at a hotel or unfamiliar house during the holidays. Pack this baby bath mat to safely cushion the baby during bath time, even if there is no tub. The flower pedal-shaped mat fits in a sink and snugly surrounds your baby, so you don’t have to bend over a bathtub.